Milk-based Kefir grains acquired in 1978. Can also provide traditional water kefir grains [sugary water kefir grains]. Milk-kefir cultured with either raw organic goat's milk, or Biodynamic whole cows milk. Can send grains world wide. 24 page instruction booklet included [Kefir! A Probiotic Gem Cultured with Probiotic Jewels; Kefir grains!]. Be-well, live long, and prosper with kefir, Dom

Send Kefir request to Anfiteatro, Dominic:

By clicking the Inquire button above, you will send a Kefir grains request to one of our Kefir community members (Anfiteatro, Dominic). If you don't get the response within 3-5 days, don't panic, ask someone else, even if the person is not located in the same city as you.

Kefir grains grow fairly slow, so people run out of them easily, and will not respond to you unless they have extra grains to share.

Second thing, live Kefir grains are extremely resistant, so shipping them via mail is fine. Kefir grains that I shipped during coldest days of winter, or hottest days of summer still live and are shared by many members of our Kefir community. Mind you, I wasn't even shipping dried ones, but live, real Kefir grains. Thanks, Adnan.

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